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A new type of congress organisation...

...where you can walk by the beach from one place to the next

Slovene institutions have decided to introduce a new approach to congress organisation. Mathematicians will take over a state-of-the-art congress centre and claim it for the week. The centre offers modern equipement, plenty of space and experienced staff used to organising conferences with over 1,000 attendees. 

The accommodation facilities in the centre and surrounding area are abundant (over 100,000 places for all budgets) and organisers will be able to dedicate their time and resources to additional offerings in the congress. 

This is why all Slovene institutions and societies involved in mathematics are participating in the bid. If successful, additional events, such as a congress dinner, social events, events for the popularisation of mathematics, activities for family members, excursions, lectures for non-academic mathematicians, and other activities will constitute the congress. 

The team is experienced with mathematical event organisation for different age groups and is dedicated to deliver a unique experience to you!